The Center for Studies on Law and Religion at River Plate Adventist University (CEDyR, for its acronym in Spanish) is an academic space for analyzing, creating, and reflecting about religious liberty, and the relationship between the State and religions.
It stems from the concern of a group of law practitioners and professors who are convinced that the rights linked to religious liberty -essential to every human being, and foundation of all other freedoms-, deserve to be studied and promoted in the academic environment. Within this broad framework, we aim to consider specially the religious minorities, as they are among the most disadvantaged groups in the protection and enjoyment of those rights.
The creation of the CEDyR shows the River Plate Adventist University’s concern for promoting research, outreach, and community engagement in significant issues for whole society. Through an agreement with the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA), the CEDyR became a local university chapter of this entity: IRLA UAP.
Our goal is to carry out activities related to research, teaching, dialogue and reflection that may be useful for the promotion of the right of religious freedom for everybody, particularly for the religious minorities.